Reboot Your Brain

Reboot Your Brain

A transformational experience with the goal to be your best version.

Reboot Your Brain is a 30 day mini-coaching course that uncovers the blueprint behind the 4 pillars to thrive and be successful as a top performer.

If you haven’t seen our free masterclass, I invite you to do that and get a taste of what we are talking about. (link aca)

This course guides you through a transformational experience with the goal to be your best version every day and live a fulfilling life.

We take the same evidence based knowledge and skills that Dr. Osorio and Dr. Stoletniy have been teaching to their clients, patients and other professionals, and show you how to apply them to your personal and professional life.

This course will start you on the journey to discover your potential, transform your present and live with passion.

If you want to boost your strength and confidence to defeat stress and gain self-mastery, than this is for you!


What you’ll get:

Proven Strategies

How do the highest-achieving people succeed at work while still finding time for family, hobbies and exercise?
We’ll go over all the evidence based tools to increase your energy and to boost your confidence as well as the science behind thriving in all areas of life. This strategies will teach you how to defeat stress and gain self-mastery.

Educational Exercises

This course includes simple hands-on exercises that will help:

  • Re-wire your brain.
  • Optimize your thought patterns.
  • Build new habits.

So you can thrive in life!

More resources

By joining this course you will also have a pre and post assessment to track your progress. You will have access to 30 days of coaching via video. Discover tips and stories from the experts. And much more!



If you are tired of feeling stuck, tired of dealing with burnout and stress > JOIN NOW!

This is the beginning of living to your fullest potential. Be your Best Version Yet!


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